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30 Goals Before 30 – What I Accomplished, What I Failed, & What I Learned


A few weeks ago, I turned 30. And today  I wanted to share with you something, I’ve never shared with anyone else before. When I was 20 years old, I made a goals list called “30 before 30” as I sat in my childhood bedroom watching P.S I love you. I had no idea how I was going to accomplish anything, all I had to do was overcome my self-doubt and try. I’m really glad that’s how I’m entering my 30s. In this podcast episode, I share everything on my 30 before 30 list, something I have NEVER completely shared with my family, partner, or best friends. 

As a bit of a spoiler, nothing on my list revolves around some of the biggest things I’ve accomplished. When I was 21, I was so furiously determined to become a person I’m proud of at 30 completely devoid of accolades like “buy a home,” “be a millionaire,” or “have X job title.” 

To be honest, as I’ve moved towards 30, I’ve felt pulled to these types of accomplishments to “keep up” because I’m constantly comparing myself to others and what society sees as “successful.” And that’s what I constantly try to remind myself to keep about my twenties. 

To try things headfirst and to not lose my adventurous, curious, and ambitious spirit that was fueled by anything but my own curiosity. 

If you want to hear more about my journey, I’ve recorded a podcast episode on the whole thing. I decided not to just post  the list because without context, some of this stuff is kind of embarrassing and weird so I feel like I need to explain my thought process in my twenties lol 

 I hope you enjoy this insightful look into my last decade and hope it’s helpful for you to see that it’s okay to create goals without the perfect plan to achieve them. It’s also okay not to achieve everything. When I created this list, I only told myself that I needed to try, not accomplish everything. Some of the things on my list I failed two or sometimes THREE times. And that’s okay. 

It’s okay to go for things and fail the task, it doesn’t mean you’ve failed. 

I hope you enjoy this episode!

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