Career & Side Hustle Coaching For High Achievers

My clients do incredible things. This is a quick behind the scenes look at what's possible in the 1:1 program!

Meet Your Coach

Hi! I’m Kimberly. I’m a Career and Side Hustler Coach and I work one-on-one with high achievers like you to help them get out of their own way and achieve your dream career. For some of them, it is to get a new and higher paying job that aligns with their values. For others, it’s to become their own consultants and start their own freelancers/consultancy businesses. What do they have in common? They are able to be successful on their own terms WHILE taking care of their family and loved ones. I equip my clients with the skills to be successful in their careers whatever their needs. If you want my help to take your life to the next level, let’s start working together in this transformational 1:1 coaching program.


“Working with Kimberly was a gamechanger during a tough transition in my professional career. I highly recommend her services and was impressed with the behavioural tools and exercises we worked through The skills I gained helped my professional life but because our work focused on shifting overall mindsets, my personally life also benefitted. Through every session and discussion Kimberly’s guidance reflected her skills as a mentor and leader in professional development regardless anyone’s unique situation or niche which made me feel like it was a very worthy investment! The responsiveness and thoroughness of Kimberly’s feedback was phenomenal and felt extremely supportive through a challenging time in my career.”

– Kara J., Regenerative CPG Consultant

This is what clients felt like before they started working with me:

I felt stuck in a toxic work environment and uninspired by my work. My resume hadn’t been updated in over 10 years and I was looking for help to improve it to enter the field of e-learning. I want to be in e-learning, but I was applying to lateral job positions with the hope of eventually getting into my dream career.
I was facing challenges in marketing myself well and figuring out how to position my personal brand. I was also experiencing a lot of imposter syndrome and feelings of self-doubt after a negative experience at my last job which forced me to resign. I didn’t know if the career moves I was making were right for me, and why I kept landing in jobs doing tasks that I didn’t want to be doing.
I wanted to break out from my admin and entry-level roles, but I was struggling with confidence issues regarding my work experience and skills. I had been working on the admin side of my job for the past 2 years and I felt small. I was too intimidated to try to apply to higher-level roles.

And this is what clients felt like After they Finished working with me:


“Working with Kim was a wake up call into some of the defeating behaviors that were obstacles to landing my dream job and what I needed to do in order to make them a reality. I’m really happy to have worked with you individually and have benefited from the time I put into crafting a career plan tailored to my goals and aspirations.” – 1:1 Coaching Client