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Career is about more than just “following your passion.” It’s also incredibly important to ensure you manage you are able to financially support your lifestyle and build wealth to ensure work-life balance. Here, you find topics about: personal finance, investing, retirement, financial independence, and side hustles.

Year in Review: My Top Investments of 2020

    Happy 2021!  I think I’m happier on NYE than on Christmas because I’m so ready for this year to be over! While 2020 came with a lot of ups and downs, I also grew a lot. In this episode, I will be outlining my top 2020 investments and what really was worth my

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How To Create Your Financial Independence Plan and Achieve FI

  This is the 3rd and final part of the Financial Independence Series on the Millennial Life Admin Podcast. Part 1: Why you should consider pursuing Financial Independence (even if you don’t achieve it) Part 2: The Financial Independence Formula To Reach Financial Freedom But before I even start I want to put a little bit

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Renting vs. Owning: The 5 Pros and Cons You Need To Consider

  Renting vs. Owning is the never-ending debate in personal finance. And the truth is, there is no right or perfect answer because it all depends on your personal situation, circumstances, and goals.     I’ve debated ever writing about this topic because it is a realm of personal finance that includes so many factors and

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How To Increase Your Credit Score To 850

    To be honest, I never obsessed about my credit score. ⁣ A few years ago I got curious + checked to see that my credit score was 840, and I was like “cool.” ⁣⁣ And then I closed out the tab because I thought everyone else had a similar credit score. ⁣⁣⁣ I

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How To Build A 6 Month Emergency Fund (From 0 to 10K!)

    At the beginning of April 2020, I hit my $10,000 Emergency Fund goal. Emergency funds are such a great topic for the 2nd episode of the Millennial Life Admin podcast because it’s one of the foundations of personal finance. What is an Emergency Fund? An emergency fund is a set amount of money

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Hi! I’m Kimberly. I’m a Career Mindset Coach and host of the Money In Integrity Podcast. I work one-on-one with high-achieving perfectionists like you to help them get out of their own way and achieve their dream career. I help women overcome self-doubt and impostor syndrome to achieve work-life balance!