Money Management

Career is about more than just “following your passion.” It’s also incredibly important to ensure you manage you are able to financially support your lifestyle and build wealth to ensure work-life balance. Here, you find topics about: personal finance, investing, retirement, financial independence, and side hustles.

How To Start Financial Planning In Your Twenties

Here’s the secret to financial planning: there is no one “right financial plan.” Everyone’s life goals will look different. However, just because it’s not a “one-size fits all” model with one perfect model, doesn’t mean it’s not important. It just means that you may need to take some time to figure out what is important

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The Personal Finance Tool That Will Define Your Life

It’s hard to think that only one personal finance number will define the entire course of your life, but it’s true. There’s only one. And it’s not your credit score. It’s your interest rates. More specifically, your compounded interest rates. Interest rates have the power to passively make you a millionaire when you retire or

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7 Ways to Manage Your Personal Finance (On Your Lunch Break!)

For most of us, it’s so easy to assume that managing our personal finances as an adult means we have to be sitting at our kitchen table with a spouse,  surrounded by a dozen bills and financial statements, with a calculator in one hand and our face in the other, looking extremely stressed. When really,

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50/30/20 Budgeting: Exactly How Much I Spent and Saved in 2018

With the new year coming to an end, I audited all of my expenses according to the 50/30/20 budget rule. I not only talk about this budget rule, I show you how it’s applied to me!

The reason I started MLA is because I wanted to create an honest personal space where I could share exactly what I’m doing to get through adulthood instead just giving some vague or generic advice. Instead of just talking about the 50/30/20 budgeting rule, I wanted to see how it applied to my year-round expenses.

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Why I Don’t Chase Early Retirement

If you are also in the sphere of personal finance, a common term that is thrown around is #FIRE, which stands for Financial Independence and Retire Early. I’m all for the idea of financial independence but early retirement is not for me.

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Meet the Author

Hi! I’m Kimberly. I’m a Career Mindset Coach and host of the Money In Integrity Podcast. I work one-on-one with high-achieving perfectionists like you to help them get out of their own way and achieve their dream career. I help women overcome self-doubt and impostor syndrome to achieve work-life balance!