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Personal Growth Update June 2020: Black Lives Matter + My PG Journey With Social Justice



June 2020 was a heavy month and filled with a lot of learning. That’s why this personal growth update will be focused on, of course, Black Lives Matter.

However, I will not be talking about the movement itself as I am not an expert in the field. I highly encourage you to check out the following resources:

  • Black Lives Matter – Although the website is great resource, I also encourage you to check out your local chapter of BLM and learn how to help in your local community.
  • 13th documentary on NetflixThis documentary was SO WELL done. I studied history in school so I was aware of some of the history of racism in the United States,  but it was so engaging and taught me things that even I, who studied Canadian politics/history (which overlaps a lot with American politics/history) had never heard about. This is a really good start if you don’t know that much about American history.
  • Confederacy: Last Week Tonight With John Oliver on YouTube – I’m not an expert on American history, but I did learn a lot of it in school because I am Canadian. However, if you are not American, you might not know what Confederacy is and why people are tearing down statues in the US. This video is a few years old, but John Oliver does a great job of breaking down what Confederacy is (because that hasn’t changed in 3 years) and he does in a very entertaining way. 
  • White Fragility by Robin Di AngeloOriginally, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to read a book on racism from a white perspective, but so far, it’s been really interesting to understand why it’s so hard for some people to talk about.
  • How To Be An Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi – Ibram is currently my favourite person to learn from. I love how he writes and speaks – it’s so raw, honest, and intelligent I’ve really been enjoying his books – How To Be An Anti-Racist and Stamped From The Beginning. He actually has a kid’s book “Antiracist Baby” – I don’t even have a kid but can’t wait to buy it in the future.
  • Campaign Zero – I truly believe in policy change. I’ve decided to make a monthly donation to Campaign Zero, because of their 8 Can’t wait policy campaign. It has been great to see the actions that have been taking place, but real change is a long, uphill battle. It’s not enough that justice is served now. This has to be prevented for the future.
  • Rock The VoteAnywhere you live – racism exists because it can. Holding people accountable is so important and I will always be an advocate for voting hate out and for change. The US had a number of elections happen last month as they move towards November, but I am also watching Canadian politicians very carefully and taking action here. I’ve been involved in Rock The Vote for years and recommend checking them out. 

And of course, I encourage you to seek out your own resources. But, I know that if you are a listener of this podcast or a part of the MLA community, I know you are someone who cares about social justice and about what’s going on in the world. I know you are taking the time to educate yourself and to seek out resources regarding BLM.

However,  today I wanted to share my personal growth when it comes to BLM and social justice and how I’ve been processing what’s been going on. I don’t mean to make this about me at all, but I wanted to share this part of my journey because these personal growth updates are like my audio diaries of what’s happening behind the scenes and where I am on my personal growth journey. That’s why I’ve decided not to write detailed show notes for this episode of the podcast. First of all, it was over an hour-long because I had so much to say, and that was after so many edits.

This is a very important topic and does relate to money because I truly believe that money is a tool and needs to be used to create the world that we want to see. That’s why I believe so full-heartedly in supporting BIPOC, not because of the events that have taken place in the past month and years, but because this is a topic we need to continue to talk about.

In the podcast episode, I share the power of shame in social justice and how to utilize it in navigating how to act and respond. I also talk about the stages of personal development that I have moved through from education to now learning how to be an anti-racist. Finally, I talk about how I am now pushing for economic support of BIPOC and voting with my ballot in how taxpayer money is spent in supporting or perpetuating systemic issues of racism. I am so happy to continue the conversation because BLM and social justice is not something that ends because it stops trending in the media, it is so important to continue to talk about and fight for. Lastly I talk about how personal growth in social justice is not about feeling good, it’s about helping in the ways needed.

So if you are interested in learning more about my journey, please listen to the podcast episode. And if you are looking for more resources, I also wrote an article on How To Deal With Discrimination in the Workplace (Ep 8). Either way, I really encourage to learn more and be active in Black Lives Matter.

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