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Personal Growth Update: Aug 2021 – Defining Career Success, Privilege and Humility


DISCLAIMER: In this episode, I talk A LOT about the political climate in Canada, the situation in Afghanistan, vaccinations, and how my career past and experiences have impacted how I view and process information. I do not preach politics but I do discuss it in relation to my career because it impacts my definition of career success and my career goals.

This month, I reflected a lot more on my definition of career success, the consequences of getting everything I wanted, and how I’m sharing my voice more through the Work Life Money platform. In this episode I talk about:  

  • Why I will never enter into politics because of my definition of success in my career
  • How the situation in Afghanistan has caused me to reflect on my own career choices
  • The consequences of not being able to manage my time when I’m a people pleaser
  •  Why I’m less concerned with “niching down” in my business
  • And making new coaching friends!

To learn more about my thoughts on career success, privilege, and humilty… press play.

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