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Personal Growth Update: Oct 2021 – Work-Life Balance, Business Goals, and Speaking Up

This month I’m sharing my personal growth lessons for October 2021.  October was a month of rest as I was on vacation for a couple of weeks. In this episode I talk about:

  • How I maintain work-life balance and the huge mistakes I’ve learned about it in the past
  • Why I’m not starting any new projects for Work Life Money for a while
  • The skills I’m learning to speak up for myself and causes I believe in

Some of the resources I mentioned in this episode are:

The biggest Instagram mistake overachievers make in work-life balance 

Thought Leadership Reels on Quitting Your Job and Career Change

Article on How To Speak Up In A Meeting When You Are The Quiet Person. 

Listen to this episode to see the small skills I’m building in my career, business, and self.

Cheering you on,


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