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Personal Growth Update Sept 2021 – Relearning Lessons, Vacation as a 9-5er vs a Business Owner, and end the of Q1

This month I’m sharing my personal growth lessons for Sept 2021.  September was a month of re-visiting my previous personal growth lessons from the past. One of the biggest misconceptions about personal growth is that it’s something that is easily implemented or internalized the moment you learn it. But personal growth is uncomfortable and the lessons that come out of it, sometimes need to be repeated and overcome in different ways. In this episode I talk about:

  • Why I’m listening to my old personal growth updates and how I’m practicing self-coaching
  • Reflecting on the pros and cons of having a business and a 9-5 when it comes to travelling (and the misconceptions behind it)
  • How I’m approaching the end of my business quarter and the resistance of not meeting my goals (failure line).

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