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This Money In Integrity podcast is for the ambitious and altruistic women looking to make income and impact. You can build a meaningful career without hustling 24/7. In this podcast, I will teach you how to make money in integrity, design your dream career (including side hustles!), and invest in yourself. We talk about the self-doubt, the fear, and how to invest for your future. It’s honest and real (no fancy sounds or ads), just me and you. Making money is about more than just tips + tricks. This podcast is all about how to develop the personal growth skills to make money in integrity and achieve your dream career. 

Here's what listeners are saying:

Financial advice for Canadians! I love that this podcast is specifically for Canadians. Most of the podcasts I listen to are for Americans so it is nice to hear about TFSAs and other Canadian specific financial advice. – emsiemuffin (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐)

You can’t miss this! Kim is so knowledgeable and friendly. Her episodes make you feel like you’re chatting with a friend. It’s so refreshing to hear from a fellow millennial who isn’t afraid to share her mistakes, along with her advice for success. You can tell she really wants to help her listeners. Definitely worth subscribing to this podcast! – PerthStudent (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐)

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Please note: This podcast was previously called Millennial Life Admin. Want to start from the beginning of The Money Integrity Podcast? Start at Episode 37! 

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3 Surprising Work-Life Balance Mistakes You Might Know You’re Making

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5 Lessons I Learned From My Side Hustle Failures

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