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WLM is a community for high achievers to make more money without sacrificing work life balance. Looking to make a great income WHILE making impact in a meaningful career? You are in the right place!


Working with Kim has truly been transformational. I truly felt heard and understood after every coaching session. She has helped me see my strengths and the value I bring to work and as a spouse and mother.” – 1:1 Coaching Client

The Work Life Money Mission:

To help high achievers develop the long-term personal growth skills to meaningfully make and manage their money.

Let’s Talk Career ....

WLM is a community of women who believe that we are more than our careers, job titles, and salary. A career is not just a 9-5. It’s not worth your health or relationships; there is a time and place for hustle. But having a meaningful career that you love doesn’t mean you should work 24/7 either. Here, we have a holistic view of career – it includes your side hustles and should support your life, not be it. 

More Than Money

Money is important, but it is the end all be all of life. A critical part of WLM is breaking down the barrier or talking about money when it comes to career. Work-life balance is not enough. A career can’t be truly fulfilling if it doesn’t pay you an amount of money that allows you to financially sustain your lifestyle. On the flipside a meaningful career won’t allow you to create a fulfilling life if you are working 24/7 and don’t have time to take care of your health or relationships. Money is a tool to be used

Money can be hush hush in the career world, but not here. It’s okay to say “I love this career, but I need to be paid more.”

The 5 Year Plan Doesn’t Always Work Out.

The significant difference between WLM and other career platforms is that we talk about how to develop the personal growth skills to meaningfully make and manage your money as your life changes. A 5 year plan is great, but most of the time, life happens. What if your industry changes? What if a loved one gets sick (this is what happened to me)? What if you get sick? What if you discover a new career that you didn’t even know existed. What if a whole new industry gets created? What if you need to move to be near a loved one? What if COVID happens? Life is the stuff that happens in-between work and money, that no one can control.

At WLM, we focus on creating the foundational personal growth skills to be able to be adaptable and meaningfully make and manage your money no matter what life brings.

 Building a meaningful career and life means finding  your work, life, and money balance.

Who is WLM for?

Work Life Money is a beautiful community filled with high achievers who want to pursue meaningful work while having financial stability. Women in this community are driven by their mission to help the world in their careers. 

This community is for you if you resonate with the following:

✓ You are an intelligent, ambitious, and you want to help the world – but you don’t know how and you feel kind of stagnant.

✓ You ticked all the boxes growing up – you got stellar grades in school, you studied hard to get that degree, and are always praised as a hard-worker. However, you are not working in your dream career and you know you are not living up to your career potential.

✓ You want more from life than “hustling.” You don’t want to work 24/7, you want to have a meaningful career that helps others, but also have a meaningful life filled with fulfilling relationships and the financial stability to take care of your loved ones.

✓ You are driven by a mission to help others.

✓ You want to build wealth, but don’t want to feel “guilty” for making money while  doing a job you love.

✓ You’re scared of disappointing others and what they will think of you if you pursue and choose something different.

✓ You’ve read all the career, business, and money advice, but it doesn’t seem to resonate because you are driven to help others, not get-rich-quick or step on others for your career.

If any of this sounds familiar to you, know you are not alone. And I’m here to help!

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