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The End of The Millennial Life Admin Podcast



Well, this is going to be a monumental episode for the MLA podcast, because I’m ending it.

As the title reads, I’ve made the decision to end MLA, but don’t worry, I’m not going away for good! However, I will be moving in a new direction and with a new mission. 

This is a decision I’ve thought about for a long time. I haven’t felt aligned to name Millennial Life Admin for a long time but have delayed making the change until I could better understand how to help this community. 


1) The name longer aligns with the mission

When I first started Millennial Life Admin, I made it an all-encompassing blog about everything about adulthood. As I shared more, I discovered the personal finance community and really loved talking about career advice and sharing my experience. However as I’ve learned more about careers and personal finance, I want to be more transparent on the things that made the most significant difference in my journey: working on my mindset to develop the personal growth skills to make more money.

As finances have grown, so has my relationship with money. I’ve stopped focusing heavily on budgeting and saving money. Instead I’ve transferred my focus to making more money through my career and developing the personal growth habits to develop self-trust when it comes to money, instead of always “restricting” myself. These days, there are many things I’m so happy to spend money on and I walk through stores not at all tempted to buy things I don’t want or need. I owe this a lot to my budget, so I do think it’s a strong tool, but budgeting and saving is not a part of my journey anymore. 


2) Millennial Life Admin is really long and can sometimes be difficult to spell.

The decision to rebrand is not only a change in direction but for logistical reasons as well. I know Millennial Life Admin is hard to spell because there are a lot of double letters lol

Fun fact: I also misspell “Millennial Life Admin”  while logging into my own social media accounts. The straw that broke the camel’s back on this one was when I had a client email me and said they almost didn’t reach out because they had misspelled my email. Yes, I know MLA is a mouthful to say which is why I often shortened it. 


3) I’m growing and I want this platform to reflect that. 

I loved to save, I loved to budget, but the biggest difference in my journey so far has been developing my career and side business. And it wasn’t just the tips and tricks that got me there. While they can be helpful, the big strides in my career and personal finance journey were overcoming my self-doubt, impostor syndrome/perfectionism and investing in myself which is what I want to share with this community moving forward.

I’ve always admired people who were able to grow with this community instead of sticking to what feels easy & comfortable and MLA/WLM is no different for me.


4) I’ve decided to keep the new podcast (Money In Integrity) on the same platform

The new podcast will be a continuation of the Millennial Life Admin podcast for a number of reasons:

i)  Logistical reasons – It just makes things easier for myself and my subscribers so you don’t have to find a new podcast to subscribe to. Also, there can be podcast delays when trying to get new podcasts approved by Apple iTunes and Spotify. Changing the name has no delays.  

ii) Personal Growth Updates – I do monthly Personal Growth Updates and I want to keep this part of the podcast! I will continue doing it because for you to see the behind scenes and not everything was perfect at the beginning. 

iii) The advice is still valuable. I love all the episodes I’ve done on the Millennial Life Admin Podcast. I get great feedback on the episodes especially Ep 6: How To Turn a Good Interview Answer into a GREAT one and Ep 2: How To Build An Emergency Fund (0 to 10K). I’m super proud of the content I have created for the MLA podcast and want to still have it accessible to help others. 

iv) To show the growth. I think it’s super important and interesting to share the personal growth behind the scenes. No, I did not start this podcast when I had the perfect idea or perfect title, but I was able to help so many people along the way. It makes me so happy to know that in 2020, my podcast was able to help people so much with job interviews and emergency funds. 

The new name of the podcast is now Money In Integrity. I will be sharing in the next episode what it’s all about, but thank you so much for being a part of this journey.

Always cheering you on, 


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