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Why I Joined The Great Resignation

Last month, I quit my job and joined The Great Resignation. Now when I first heard about this movement, I honestly had no intention of leaving my job. I completely understand why people were leaving their jobs and as a Career Coach, I helped many of my clients through it. However, I never anticipated leaving my own job that I loved so much. But like everything in the world, the only thing in these times is unpredictable. In this podcast episode, I break down why I decided to join the Great Resignation including: 

  • My thought process behind needing a career change at this stage n my life
  • The “timing” of it and the taking advantage of “The Great Re-Shuffle”
  • Re-evaluating my true priorities in life

For once in my life, this decision was purely based on the future version of myself and what the future holds for my career. I was not unhappy in my career, but I have learned to be proactive in what I need in the future.

If you’re thinking about joining The Great Resignation, this is the episode for you!

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