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WLM is a Career + Side Hustle Platform For You To...

✨ Design Your Dream Career✨ Live Up To Your Career Potential ✨ Have A Meaningful Career and Life ✨

Here's what a client had to say regarding our work: "Working with Kim has truly been transformational. I truly felt heard and understood after every coaching session. She has helped me see my strengths and the value I bring to work and as a spouse and mother.” – Barbara V. (1:1 Coaching Client)

I’m here to help you:

✅ Make more money doing what you love, without “hustling” or sacrificing work-life balance
✅ Overcoming impostor syndrome, self-doubt, all-or-nothing thinking, procrastination and so much more that holds you back (not just the tips and tricks!)
Creating more options for yourself now and for the future – career change is a skill in itself! With the tools and coaching we work on, you will be able to change careers today and 10 years from now!
✅ How to create boundaries as a perfectionist, high achiever, and people pleaser!
✅ Building a marketable personal brand with your thought leadership that can be applied to your 9-5 career or side hustle!

The days of working in one career for 40 years are dead and gone.

At WLM, we believe the term and idea of a career has drastically changed and we’re here for it.

A career is not just a 9-5 job. It can include a creative side hustle, a consultancy business, and/or a contract work.

If you are looking to be successful in a career that goes beyond the job title, then you are in the right place!

As a high achiever, you may have a lot of ideas of what you want from your career, and the truth is, you might be good at a lot of things….but how do you choose what’s right for you? How do you achieve your career dreams without thinking about “what if”?

That’s what I’m here to help you answer!

Here’s what no one tells you about career growth…

The skills and success of a career are transferable.

The truth is, the internet is filled with so many resources for you to be successful in your career and start any side hustle out there…..

But the underlying factors holding you back is not the information, it’s the execution.

If you’re a high achiever and tired of buying courses, reading endless blog posts, and waste years of your life trying to piece together information but seeing no progress, the secret is not to try to find the perfect interview answer or the perfect side hustle “hack”, the secret is unlocking the ability in yourself.

I’ll show you how.

Hi I’m Kimberly!

I’m a Career + Side Hustle Coach, 9-5er, freelancer and host of the highly-rated podcast, Money In Integrity. I help millennial women meaningfully make more money without sacrificing work-life balance. I equip my clients with the skills to be successful in their careers. For some of them, it is to get a new and higher paying job that aligns with their values. For others, it’s to become their own consultants and start their own side businesses:

I’m here to help you:
✅ Utilize the skills you love (and get paid for it!)
✅ Balance your life priorities without sacrificing time with your family or your mental/physical health (this is an anti-hustle culture space!)
✅ Overcome the fears of career change and starting something new - a lifelong skill you can utilize anytime you need to change careers or start a side business!

Here's What My Clients Are Saying:

Working with Kim has truly been transformational. I truly felt heard and understood after every coaching session. She has helped me see my strengths and the value I bring to work and as a spouse and mother.” – Barbara, Training Consultant

Working with Kim is the best thing that ever happened in my career. I walked into the coaching session with little to no confidence and walked out knowing my worth as a working professional. - Yliza, Non-Profit Analyst

Working with Kim was really worthwhile - I learned a lot about myself, my unique skills, talents, and underlying motivators. Kim has given me the confidence to tackle my issues head on and take care of my own needs - International Development Practitioner

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